April 30, 2018

Starting a digital marketing agency, part 1

So one of the biggest things I’m a geek about is computers.  I’m a software developer by day, and outside of work I like to tinker with things like setting up WordPress sites on virtual servers.  My real goal is to start a digital agency one day that specializes in making the perfect site for companies, since there are so many different kinds of businesses as well as many types of websites.

The problem for me is that I’m a nobody right now.  I don’t have any real connections that I could leverage easily to start this business.  I could create the best web design site in the world, but it’s not going to mean anything unless I have the attention of people willing to pay me to create them a website, provide social media guidance, or manage their advertising strategy.  The real problem is that there are thousands of other companies that already do what I want to do, and most do it better than I can, so I need to find a way to stand out.

I’m thinking of chronicling my journey through this process.  I’m here at the bottom right now.  I have a name, an idea, and a website; I have things that any average Joe could get and put together.  I’m going to go from here and think up what my unique selling proposition is going to be.  I’ll also join and immerse myself in a few web design/online marketing groups on places like Reddit and Facebook to better inform myself.  Finally I’m going to look into how to get in touch with local groups of small businesses, though things like the local Chamber of Commerce; by getting in touch with other local small businesses, I can gauge the needs of the community while providing a personal touch.

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