April 20, 2018


Over the past decade or so, I’ve tried my hand at making all sorts of websites and blogs.  The topics have ranged from web design to homebrewing beer, from video games to health and fitness.  None of them have ever gone anywhere or been successful, but none of them have been entirely a catch-all for my day-in and day-out life either.

That’s the goal of this blog.

Let me take a moment to describe who I am.  I’m a thirty-one year old husband and father of four children in Detroit, Michigan.  I’m currently sitting in our crowded family room on this Wednesday night in our three bedroom, one bathroom house we rent, surrounded by baskets of unfolded laundry, piles of various books, and and a few odd toys on the floor; surprising, the floor is almost entirely clear at the moment, and I consider that a miracle.  I’m sitting here typing this out on my new laptop from work (our team of application developers finally got some after years of begging) as my wife bakes mostly healthy treats in the kitchen, my nine-year-old daughter procrastinates on her big state report that’s due in two days, and my seven-year-old son never stops talking about every single thing that crosses his mind.  And there’s the twelve-month-old baby starting to cry in the distance, awaking from what’s now a short nap instead of a nice long stretch of nighttime sleeping; at least the 5-year-old is sleeping nicely at 9PM at night…

Sounds stressful yet?  It was.  That was two nights ago now.  After that I had to be on-call for work while we promoted our code from a stressful month-long project that I was basically the lead on, followed by a long day of cleaning up any issues with our promotion in the office yesterday as well as today.  This all complete’s a nice three-week session of extremely busy day-to-day life.  You see, the night before Wednesday when I started typing this post, the 5yo was puking in her (top bunk) bed at bedtime, leading to sleeping on the couch all night with me out there with her, helping her lean over a puke bucket multiple times through the night.  I also would say I did the same with the 12 month old last night, but she doesn’t really understand the concept of using a puke bucket or even telling us she doesn’t feel good, so instead I was cleaning up chunks off of my clothes, the couch, the floor, her clothes, and her crib sheets.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that we had a nasty ice storm last Saturday night, which knocked out the power all over the neighborhood; while we were spared from this fate, the children’s school was without power for Monday and Tuesday, so they needed to stay home and bug entertain mom all day.  My wife’s grandmother also lost power, so she spent the better part of Monday and Tuesday with the family at home and running errands too.  Then the 5yo had to stay home from school on Wednesday and Thursday due to her stomach bug, and today she’s not there either because preschool has no school today, so she’s been home all week.

This is on top of our previous week, where the three oldest children performed at their Polish dance recital on Sunday.  This meant we were at the performance location, a local high school, all of Sunday afternoon, plus all of Friday evening and night for dress rehearsal, plus regular practices on Monday and Wednesday in the dingy church basement they practice at.  If you’ve never seen Polish dancing outfits, I’d suggest looking them up (or just look above).  My wife was heavily involved in making/updating some of our kids’ outfits along with some other kids’ outfits, plus she was in charge of decorations and she was the main person helping our children with costume changes on Friday and Sunday.  Oh and not to mention, the three older kids were various degrees of sick during this week, typically with cold-like symptoms, so there might have been one day during the week when all three were actually in school all day together.  Hurray!

Then there was the week before that one, which was the week after Easter, and just happened to be spring break for the kids, so they needed additional entertainment all week in addition to my wife having to coordinate various appointments and events that are usually easier to deal with when you don’t have to tow four kids around.  We also celebrated our baby’s one year birthday that week along with a party on the weekend, and my parents came out to visit for that weekend from New England.  Even though we kept it as low-key as possible, it was a super busy weekend and very few of the usual chores got done, setting us up for a week of playing catch-up (which I’m still pretty sure there’s a basket of someone’s laundry laying around from two weeks ago…).

So yeah, that’s our lives.  Doesn’t seem to leave much time for enjoying the more geeky things in life, but we manage.  My wife and I make sure to watch Agents of SHIELD every week, I try to pick up the Switch and do a little gaming here and there, and I still enjoy tinkering with computers in my free time (including setting up and hosting this blog).

That’s really my goal with this blog, to show how unrealistic most professional blogs are.  Very few people with kids and a full-time job and a house to manage could possibly play all of the latest hit games, read the myriad of new comics available, or find a way to go out to the theater for each new fantasy/sci-fi movie.  Instead with me, you get some 10-year-old game I dug out of my untouched Steam library, another read through of Watchmen because it’s on the bookshelf and easy to grab, and wondering whether or not I’ll find a way to see Spider-man, Thor, or Black Panther before the next Avengers movie comes out.  Yeah, if you’re single and still live at home, you can make a blog that encompasses almost everything geek.  I’m here to show you how I manage to keep one eye on geek culture while juggling some hardcore adult responsibility.

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